Examination Information

An Exam Infomation Sheet (EIS) contains basic information, including the scope of work allowed under licensure for the tested category, examination length, topic areas for study, and approved reference materials, and is specific to the county in which the category is tested. The examination information sheets are available in rich text format for download.

Exam Information for the IWFA can be found here:  iwfa.com

We at GITS are constantly striving to provide you with the most current items and references. The date of publication on some of our reference books may not be the most recent edition of that book. What that means is that the MAJORITY of items from that book come from that edition/version. If you buy a newer version of the book it will contain the material needed to refence the items on your test, but it will also contain some information the the groups of Licensed Subject Matter Experts for the field of work being tested on have not yet approved items for use on the examinations. You are free to use any edition/version from the one listed to the current.